About Us

CS & LE Driving School is a small local independent driving schools in Leeds.  We pride ourselves on taking a no fuss approach, which means we keep things simple so that when you learn with us there is no confusion, no information overload; just a basic formula that helps you to learn as quickly as possible in a safe and friendly environment.

Driving Schools in Leeds

Why Choose Us?

 As a small driving schools in Leeds we are able to offer you great value, check out our prices.  Our reputation is everything to us; because we are a small local school our success depends on the experience we give our learners.  We know if we keep it simple and get you skilled at controlling the car and reading the road you will easily become a safe and confident driver.  Not only will you pass your test but you will retain those skills for life!  After such a great experience you will happily recommend us to people which helps us to go on providing our fantastic service!  If you want to know what past learners think see some reviews here.  If you prefer to see reviews directly from the people themselves go to our Facebook reviews page.

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 If you are looking for Driving Schools in Leeds

Always ensure that if you are paying for lessons that the instructor is a qualified ADI (approved driving instructor).  To legally charge you for lessons they must display their badge in the windscreen.  A green badge means they are qualified, a pink one indicates a trainee.  Visit the official DVSA web page for more information.