Driving Test

Knowing what to expect on your driving test is an extremely effective way to reduce the potential stress that a driving test can cause.  If you learn to drive with us your instructor will spend some time with you ensuring that you are completely prepared.  To book some driving lessons in Leeds get in touch with us.

Before the Driving Test

Before you can take your driving test you must first complete the theory test.  If you need to book your theory test you will need your driving licence number and an email address.  You can book it on-line here.  Beware of on-line third parties charging more to arrange your test for you.  The current price is £23.

Driving Test Standard

To pass your driving test you will need to demonstrate that you can drive safely under different road and traffic conditions, and that you know and can follow the rules of the road.  Private lessons with family or friends can help with this but lessons with us will be invaluable.  We have the correct up to date information to ensure you get to the required standard as easily as possible.  This will not just help you pass your test it will also ensure you are a good safe driver.

What Happens on a Driving Test

You will need to bring your photo driving licence and your theory test certificate to your test.  At the beginning of the test the examiner will check your eyesight.  This will mean reading a number plate from 20 metres away.  You will then be asked two vehicle safety questions; for a list of the questions click here.  Yo will then move on to the driving ability part of the test.  This will include: stopping and starting under different circumstances,  Completing a manoeuvre, around ten minutes of independent driving.

 After the Driving Test

Once you complete the test your examiner will quickly do some paperwork and then give you the result straight away.  If you make 15 or fewer driving faults and no serious or dangerous faults you will pass the test.